Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer Update + Survey!

Ahoy, friends! It's summer in my head, even if it won't be official until next week, and it's already pretty sweltering here in Indianapolis. Luckily, we spent last weekend at the lake, where I ate a lot of ice cream, tried to convince Clyde to get in the water (no way), and talked my handyman brother into building us a display rack for our cards. Here it is, in case you missed it – all ready for a coat of paint and the Olive & Clyde logo at the top:

There's nothing like taking advantage of the skills of your friends and family! Now we just need to figure out what craft shows we want to do this fall.

In other news, Moriya and I have been chuggin' away the last month with some new card designs and some fun partnerships. One thing I'm learning as a small business owner is that there's always a lot to do and nothing happens fast enough – but from what I can tell, that's pretty normal. There are a couple things I'm excited about right now, though:

1) NEW CARDS. So far we have two designed – a get-well card and a more general "hey, just wanted to say 'hello'" card – and they might just be two of my favorite cards yet. Don't get too hyped up, though – we're not going to reveal them until they're printed and ready to buy, so you're going to have to wait a little bit longer. I know, sorry. Ruins your week, doesn't it? I'll pretend you said "YES."

We've also been working on a bunch of new ideas (see the end of this post) and have plenty of cards in the design queue, so the next few months should be fun – for us, at least. New cards are the best.

2) Citybox Partnership. Who doesn't love a subscription box? There's nothing that makes me giddier than getting fun stuff in the mail. Indianapolis people, if you haven't heard of Citybox, you should definitely check them out. This summer, Olive & Clyde is joining several other Indy companies in providing subscribers with great local products, including our "I Hate Basically Everyone But You" card. Citybox is a fun way to shop local, discover new Indianapolis brands, and support the interesting and unique small businesses popping up around town.

3) O&C and Simply Vague. Don't worry, Columbus fans – we've got something for you, too. Starting next week, you'll be able to buy Olive & Clyde cards at the Simply Vague store in the Polaris Fashion Place. We might be a little too excited about it – this is our first venture into brick & mortar stores, and hopefully we'll be adding more locations soon!

4) Blogger Giveaways. We've been lucky enough to work with two awesome bloggers in the last few weeks – Emily at EmberGrey and Cassie at Sage the Blog. Emily incorporated our cards into her "Happiness Stamped" challenge, which encouraged her readers to reach out to others through hand-written notes. We loved reading all the responses to our cards and really love the idea of getting back to old-fashioned snail-mail to make somebody's day. Cassie's Olive & Clyde feature kicks off today – she's sharing how she stays on top of sending cards for special occasions. As someone who owns a greeting card company and yet regularly forgets to send birthday cards, I can appreciate the tips. Be sure to check it out and enter her giveaway for 5 free cards of your choice!

So, even though there are a lot of items left on our to-do list this summer, we've been keeping busy – while still managing to work in some sunshine and relaxation. I hope you're doing the same! Stay tuned for next week, when I tell you all about my trip through the Richmond, IN chocolate tour. Mwuahahaha.

Speaking of new card ideas, we've put together a little survey to get some feedback on pet sympathy cards. If you have a minute and if you're an animal lover, pop into this link and let us know what you think – it'll help us out immensely and ensure we're actually creating cards you like. Plus there might or might not be a coupon at the end...

Take the pet cards survey here > 

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