Wednesday, October 14, 2015

DIY Monster Felt Board (Reposted!)

My one-and-a-half year old daughter is obsessed with Monsters. OBSESSED. Or, "Monssers," rather. She doesn't quite have a grasp on the "t" in there, yet.

I couldn't handle watching Monster's Inc. one more time (it's a delightful movie the first 25 times) and we had already blown through other monsser activities. I had to think of something. FAST. Did I mention she's obsessed?

I'm telling you people what. Anyone can do this project. I hate it when bloggers say that and then come up with these super-elaborate projects, like making wreaths out of toothpicks and rice. There is nary a grain of rice required, I promise. This project took me about 90 minutes on a Sunday morning while Rose and her more-fun-than-me father were romping around in the family room.

I picked up a $5.99 pack of felt from Meijer (not sponsored, just keepin' it real and telling you where I get my stuff) and went to Monsser Town.

That's what my table looked like about 30 minutes into the project. There really isn't any rhyme or reason to cutting out the shapes, here. I will give you some very open-to-interpretation, loose instructions.

First, you're going to need some eyeballs. I made a few different sizes by tracing various round objects ranging from drinking glasses to nickels. The pupils were drawn on with a black sharpie.

The mouths were pretty fun to make; I made four different variations. Most of them included fangs, teeth, tongues, and a smile or two. You can make them as friendly or scary as you want and can find inspiration as easily as typing in "cartoon monster mouth" into Google. There are so many different ideas out there!

Felt is awesome because it virtually sticks to itself. All I did to make the Monsser Building Board is cut out a rectangle from a pizza box and glue two pieces of yellow felt down. You guys. I'm not even kidding you; it's really this easy. I eyeballed the trim when I was cutting it out from the felt squares and glued that on to make it seem a bit more finished. (By the way, I used Aleene's Original Tacky Glue for this whole project.)

You'll need some arms...

and a few differently shaped bodies. I just made these up as I went along. Get creative! Or copy something you find online, like all great artists!

A few other "accessories" I cut last minute were two sets of horns and a few polka dots for the festive monster. You know the one. He's always the one that spills his cocktail on your new carpet.

All this time cutting, I was thinking about the big reveal to Rose. We got her amped up by telling her we had a new monster game. Did you say MONSSER?!


She absolutely hated it and wasn't at all interested. Can't you tell? ;)

The best part was she thought you had to bang the sh*t out of the pieces to get them to stick. Each delicately placed eyeball was immediately followed by a WHAP WHAP WHAP by her open fist.

I love her crazy makes-no-sense-to-me-but-it-does-to-her monssers. 15 eyes, mouth-foreheads, and all.

(Dads make great stepping stools, don't they?)

So, I guess that's it! It seems like this should've been more complicated than that, right? Lucky for you, it's not. Now, go forth and build! We'd love to see your projects if you create your own. Either tag us on Facebook or link up in the comments! Happy Monsser Making!