Monday, May 26, 2014

Father's Day Card - With a Twist

There's nothing better than a personalized greeting card, which is why our fill-in-the-blank varieties are so much fun. You know what else is a HOOT? Letting your 15-month-old wield a paintbrush. Can you see where I'm going with this?

I have a super awesome, kid-friendly Father's Day idea for all you moms out there. The first step is purchasing our fill-in-the-blank Father's Day card. (Doy. Gotta make those dolla dolla bills, ya'll.)

This card is obviously meant for an adult, but when you fill it out from the perspective of your kiddo you'll laugh at your own jokes. True story. 

Throw in a few backward letters and your husband / partner / boyfriend / baby daddy will immediately get the joke. 

WAIT. You're not done yet. The next step is where you hand your child a paintbrush, pray to the watercolor gods, and hope s/he abstains from a.) eating the paint b.) going all Michelangelo on your furniture c.) smearing paint all over your dog.

Rose was so into this, you guys. Painting is her number one favorite activity. Just look at that smile!

Don't forget to lay the envelope in the path of the destruction brush, too. It makes for a lovely presentation!

I'm happy to report we only experienced a few issues, and we all survived. Olive even managed to narrowly escape the paintbrush, and there weren't any catastrophic paint-staining incidences. Only one minor taste test.

I added some mushy love stuff on the inside, but that's for Steve's eyes only. :) Once the paint is dry, you can add anything else with just a simple pen.

There she is! Your very own customized masterpiece for your kids' favorite dad on Father's Day. Aren't dads the best?

Link up in the comments with pictures of your own creations! We'd love to see all of your masterpieces.