Thursday, March 13, 2014


As ENTREPRENEURS (I capitalized that for a reason), Moriya and I have very definitive views on what we call Ha Ha Business.

In its most minor, more harmless form, HHB refers to anything on the direct opposite side of the spectrum from creativity and abstract thinking. It's networking, and conference calls, and spreadsheets. KPIs! Contracts! Proposals! Reports!  Those things you do because you see they're beneficial and necessary, but you still shake your fist in the air in a jocular fashion and say, "Ha ha! Business!" 

Or at least we do. I know we're a little weird. But we're also an English major and an art school grad. 

There are a lot of people who lean more towards HHB. They're probably pretty successful. At its worst, though, the term "HHB" applies whenever you get so wrapped up in business, data, making connections, tracking metrics, or climbing the ladder that you forget to be genuine, or you lose track of the bigger picture. You forget about that gut feeling or that passion that tells you the right way to go, and instead you rely solely on charts and stats to make your decisions. You talk to people not because you're interested in them, but because you need to make a connection you can use later. You manipulate others around you so you can get ahead. You become a BUSINESS MAN. ALL CAPS. 

This guy knows HHB. He lives HHB, all the way: 

Okay, it's an ad, but it's still awesome. DOMINATE.

Some HHB is necessary -- you can't really run a business without it. And let's be honest...if we all sat around finger-painting all the time the world would fall apart. But you can balance it out and keep yourself in tune with reality. Or if you're weirdos like us, you do things like this:

This is what happens when Moriya uses an HHB sentence like "I'll call you at my earliest convenience," and I tell her I'm picturing her as an 80s business woman with shoulder pads. You wake up to this on your Facebook wall.

So I guess you could say this is what happens when a creative turns HHB.