Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hey! We're glad you're here!

Welcome to Olive & Clyde, where we make it our mission to help you avoid the cornball cheesiness of your grocery store greeting card aisle.

 We’re currently off preparing for our big launch early in 2014, where we’ll have a plethora of awesome  (we think, at least) cards perfect for every weirdo in your life. Need to say “Happy Birthday, Dingus?” “I love you but hate that you ate my leftovers?” “Sorry your ex is a dick?” We’re glad you found us.

But while we’re not quite ready to hit you with the full O&C experience yet, we couldn’t resist sharing a few of our favorite holiday sentiments with these four downloadable cards. Just visit our Etsy store, download, and print as many as you want. We hope you have as much fun sending them as we did making them!

In the meantime, we’ll be over here getting ready for a real, no-holds barred Olive & Clyde launch before you know it. If we can pull ourselves away from the holiday cookies, that is.